Thursday, May 14, 2015

Me Before You

Started reading some fiction as needed some light hearted entertainment while feeding Aayush.  I had ordered 3 books a while back - these were award winning books by female authors.  Me Before You was pretty engaging till 3/4th of the book, then it started getting a little repetitive.  I've been mostly reading non fiction as I feel that I'm learning something new.  After reading this book I was thinking about what I learnt or was it a waste of time.

I guess fiction does play an important role in building empathy and broadening your outlook.  This book definitely did both as I feel that I got some insight into the lives, thoughts and frustrations of quadriplegic people.

Makes me feel thankful for what I do have.  I had hurt my left ankle and wasn't able to walk properly for a few days.  Even that much restriction felt extremely limiting as I was so dependent on Ashish for every little thing like going to the toilet or a glass of water - things you don't even think about in normal day to day life.

As an aside - Aanya asked me what book I was reading and I told her it was called "Me Before You."  A few weeks later I was reading the book "The Whole Brain Child" and I asked Aanya rhetorically "you know what book I'm reading" expecting her to ask what but she responded, "Me Before You".  She's got amazing memory :)

All in all, the book was great for what I wanted at the moment - a book to keep me entertained while feeding that is easy to pick up quickly after interruptions which are plenty at the moment with baby Aayush and his big sister Aanya.

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