Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Books and iphone app

Inspired by Mark Zuckerberg's yearly goals ranging from reading books, developing AI to travel, I want to focus on learning how to create an iphone app this year (2017).  End of last year was about reading books about startups and kids education -- all the reading I should have done before doing Kidsorted.

Books I read (and some online courses in 2016)-

  1. Crossing the Chasm - it reconfirmed my belief that we should focus on a narrow use case, become the best in that area and then expand from there
  2. $100 startup - got inspired by it but my DNA is to create high growth tech companies so didn't quite work for me
  3. Udemy course on SEO - this was great for learning new tools and how to actually do SEO
  4. Udemy course on investing - still work in progress but rekindled my interest
  5. Founders Dilemma (just started) - talks about dangers of 50:50 partnership (wish I knew!)
  6. Growth mindset (in progress) - has influenced how I'm interacting with Aanya.  Also, changed my own thinking about what I'm capable of
  7. 4 hour body - lost 6 kgs by following this book 
  8. Tools of Titans - just browsed but not that impressed
  9. Zero to One - 2 key takeaways were 1) aim for 10x better product and 2) distribution is more important than product.
  10. Lean Analytics - started but want to read it 
  11. Charisma Myth - just started but want to read
  12. Small Giants - started but somehow was too upsetting (re: kidsorted) to finish

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