Saturday, September 18, 2004

I'm famous

Well, not really, but my name was in the paper today. I went in the kitchen to get some ice in the morning when a coworker, who sits near my desk, said - "hey, is it you in the paper today?" My first reaction was "huh? what is he talking about? maybe the company website where they introduce new employees" But he goes and shows me a copy of SF chronicle. By then my heart is in my mouth and I'm cursing myself, remembering that I had given an interview to someone on tuesday. After I had talked to her, she asked my full name and the company I worked for. I was initially relectant to divulge this information. I prefer anonymity, as you can tell from this blog (some of the American paranoia has caught on to me I guess). But it was a direct question so I was unable to refuse.

After this flashback, my next reaction was "Oh s***, what exactly did I say at that interview?" I did not expect it to appear in the paper; there were hundreds of people at that event, so I figured that the chances were quite slim. I told myself that it can't be that bad and browsed the article to find my name and quote, and was pleased to see that it was only one line and nothing that would jeapordize my job. In fact, a couple of coworkers I hadn't met, came and introduced themselves to me today. Suddenly I got all excited and told everyone in my group that I was in the SF chronicle, and emailed my friends and family. It was quite exciting. Later in the afternoon I got another email from a coworker, who I had only talked to on the phone, asking me if I knew that I was in the paper and complimenting me on my quote (I'm still not sure if he meant it or was being sarcastic).

In the evening, I met my friends for dinner at Bumbuddha lounge -- a nice place which turned into a club later. Surprisingly they were playing old Hindi songs at dinner, remixed ofcourse. My friends, as expected, made fun of my comment in the paper. Something feels wrong when my coworkers seem happier that I am in the paper than my friends do. I have been quite disappointed with my friends lately. Firstly, they don't seem to be happy enough that I'm in the paper. Secondly, some of them refuse to help me move. Okay, I agree that I move too many times. I get bored with one place, job, boyfriend too easily. And my friends know this and dont miss a chance to make a wisecrack about it. A week after I started my new job, a friend asked me - "so are you bored at work already or it'll be a couple more weeks?" Something is wrong with me, but I digress from the topic of my wayward friends. Thirdly, after hearing/reading a lot of fuss about gmail I asked my friends what they thought and found out that almost all of them have gmail accounts already and they never invited me. When I asked them why, they all said they thought I wouldn't want one and they never use theirs. So I got my gmail through a coworker too instead of a friend. Now that I'm famous, I'll get myself some new friends, ha.

[Edited after somewhat sobering up in the morning. Still pissed at friends so badmouthed them some more (in person and in the blog)]

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