Friday, August 13, 2004

Backed up

It feels like I spent the whole day in my car today. I was going to pick up my brother from his school and got stuck in traffic. Since I am jobless nowadays, the traffic did not bother me as much as it used to. Time loses its importance when there are no deadlines to meet, office hours to complete or meetings to attend. Hence, the stress associated with being stuck in traffic is reduced. However one does tend to get bored after a while and the sun starts bothering the eyes. The saviors during those hours stuck in my car were cell phone conversations, NPR, and car stickers. Yeah, I know talking on the phone while driving is dangerous and is justly illegal in India. But it is still legal in US to talk on the phone while driving, maybe because it hurts Corporate America (the cell phone companies) if the law making it illegal gets passed. After exhausting the list of people I could call during working hours to have a meaningless conversation, I turned on the radio. NPR was playing a hilarious comedy show from New York (I tried searching for a link to the program on their website, but had no luck). Here’s one of the jokes – “Why doesn’t Iraq have any Wal-Mart’s? Because they are all Targets.” What I most enjoyed during my two hours in backed up traffic were the car stickers. Two of the funniest stickers I read were “More trees, less Bush” and “Good wine needs no Bush.” Recently I was shopping for tattoos on Haight Street with some friends when one of my friends noticed a t-shirt in the window of a shop saying, “America needs to shave its Bush.” This was embossed on a picture of Bush looking really dumb. My friend bought one and said she would wear it to work; I still need to ask her what reaction she got from her coworkers. It’s good to see people displaying such anti-Bush sentiment on their cars and clothes. I asked a friend if we could do the same in India and he responded gravely – “ you would be dead the next day if you tried to pull of anything of the sort.”

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