Monday, June 06, 2005


I recently went to a kick boxing class at my gym. I had spent a long night with coworkers bar hopping and was feeling guilty about drinking as much. Hence I decided to do something good for my body and attend one of the classes offered at the gym. Incidently, it was a kick boxing lesson. I was reluctant because I thought kick boxing involved physical contact. However, it turned out that the kickboxing classes at the gym are aerobics exercises involving movements such as upper cuts, jab punches, crosses, back kick, right kick, knee strikes and roundhouse kicks.

As with any aerobics class, it required synchronization, which takes a while to get used to. When people went left, I went right. Somehow I survived without accidently kicking someone or worse getting kicked by someone.

I found kickboxing to be a much better option than working out in the gym by myself for an hour. Firstly, it is not boring. Running on a treadmill gets really boring sometimes. Usually my thoughts keep me occupied and that is when I think up most of the stuff to write here. It tends to get tedious though. Secondly, it is therapeutic. It gives a way to vent out a bad day's frustrations. Thirdly, it works out all muscles instead of just one part of the body like only legs. It is a good full body workout. Fourthly, it teaches you how to kick and box. Who knows, it might in handy. Fifthly, it keeps you motivated to work out for a full hour. The instructor keeps egging everyone on.

All in all, it is an excellent workout. It is an excellent damage control mechanism when you spend 7 hours drinking the previous night.

Whoah.. so u feel alive and kicking :)
good for u, babe. always wanted to learn the kick thing myself. esp since i hate doing repetitive stuff in the gym. and the last post was great too. :)
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